Marc Sherratt - Sustainable architect Johannesburg



Leading sustainable architect

MSSA is considered one of the leaders in the green building and sustainable architecture movement on the African continent. In response to climate change, they were the first architectural firm in South Africa to pledge to reach Net Zero emissions as a company by 2030. Based in the economic center of Johannesburg they are ideally located to work across Southern Africa with digital capacity in both urban and rural contexts.

“Marc Sherratt… is the best sustainable or green architect you can find.”
Chiluyfa Lombe, Director, Solid Green Consulting

Founder of MSSA, Marc Sherratt is a Professional Architect and Net Zero Accredited Professional. With 9 years experience in the sustainable architecture and building industry, he has designed some of the most progressive green buildings in the country. His team were the first to design a triple Net Zero project on the African continent. Marc regularly speaks at South Africa’s annual Green Building Conference as an expert in his field. He has lectured on the subject of Sustainable Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg. His personal portfolio of work has achieved international recognition where he was unconditionally accepted to study at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Instead of pursuing further studies he started MSSA which specializes in producing contemporary architecture at the highest sustainability standards.


 Marc Sherratt Sustainable Architect Johannesburg, Climate Action Network